Addicus Press: Omaha 1996

Scream on the Water

New York: St. Martin's Press 1997

“Press writes a compelling story that turns strange corners over the course of the nearly two years until a jury verdict was returned. She portrays the people in this tragedy as they existed in all their ambiguous thought patterns and actions…

“The reader is treated to a series of glimpses into the drama. At times, it is though the reader has entered into the mind of Tom Maimoni and his searching for his own self and character. At other times, it is though the reader is analyzing Maimoni from the perspective of the police looking for the perpetrator. And, at other instances, the reader appears to be observing the whole of the drama from the perspective of a news reporter covering a human interest story. Press succeeded in delivering a coherent and balanced account of a complicated mystery.

“…This is a fascinating story with insight and information.”

Michael Iwanowicz

Requiem for a Postman

New York: Carroll & Graf 1992

“…a fine first mystery by Margaret Press, who lives in, and most effectively uses, Salem (the city of “witches”) as the setting … In the end, this sad, gripping and compassionate book could be a primer on family history. It will be a difficult debut to follow.”

- - Robin W. Winks, The Boston Globe

“”Laconic and disarmingly simple. Press has a good ear for the elisions and repetitions of these conversations; they read more talked than written. Her cops are decked out with offbeat qualities for series work… The solution to the murder is readily available to anyone who knows her Robert Frost; it’s nice to see someone acknowledge the irony in one of the poet’s most-quoted observations about New Englanders.”

-- Pat Dowell, Washington Post

“Margaret Press … has come up with a very entertaining police-procedural mystery in Requiem for a Postman… Press serves up this predicament with a good deal of wit and attention to human foibles.”

-- Katherine A. Powers, Boston Magazine, March 1, 1992.

“The cast of characters here is large, and not one of them is lifeless. the tale moves swiftly, managing to keep the reader slightly off balance and unable to predict what will happen next. And near the end, a quite satisfactory twist. This excellent novel begs for a sequel.”

-- The Charlotte News & Observer

Elegy for a Thief

New York: Carroll & Graf 1993

“A powerful realism informs this solid, gritty procedural about a decent, compassionate, hard-working cop in a small working-class city.”

-- Publishers Weekly, May 3, 1993

“ (Elegy for a Thief) departs from the blood-and-gore school (featuring remarkably little of either), and while it provides a good dose of cynical realism, it’s served up with a generous leavening of hope at just the right moment… Press surprises you with a bevy of exceptionally well-drawn characters. The skillfully handled plot, well-paced narrative, excellent characterization, and delightful sense of humor make this a procedural for all seasons. Recommend with confidence and hope for another.”

-- Stuart Miller, Booklist, May 15, 1993